New Signing : Rodri

That trigger-happiness in the transfer market? Yeah, it happened again.

Liga Adelante side Hércules approached us with defensive midfielder Rodri on a free transfer, which piqued my interest for 3 reasons:

  1. We don’t have any true defensive midfielders and bringing in a holding player to anchor the centre of the park should enable us to push forward with more confidence.
  2. The cost and contract requirements are within our available budget
  3. I am a Spanish-ophile.

In defence of my Spanish bias, with Merino looking to be our first choice playmaker, I’m hoping Rodri will be able to forge a strong partnership in the middle of the park, given the importance of the pairings through the centre (something I’ll write more on later). Thankfully, Rodri already speaks English and so shouldn’t have the integration issues still facing Leandro in a wider context of the team.

Glynn and co’s opinion of our new acquirement is encouraging (“Rodri is a quality player” and a “good team player”), though they all feel he should be stuck more in the anchorman hole in front of the defence. Given the strength of Doyle combined with the profligacy of our strikers, this gives us options for a 4-1-4-1 line-up, which I’m likely to employ in the trickier away fixtures where our sluggish defence may be exposed.

Despite being a free transfer, at £4,300 a week and £425 appearance bonus, I’m hoping he’ll prove himself sooner rather than later.


Rodri Player Stats 13th Aug 2009

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