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Match Reports

So I’ve decided to write match reports in one of two ways. If it’s an interesting game, or I am in a position to write a full report, I’ll be writing in real time, with tactical choices described as they happen (it’s a bonus having a laptop and a desktop!). Otherwise, I’ll simply be copying the FM report and adding any thoughts I may or may not have.
There will still be the Overview, Formations, Stats and Ratings screenshots transferred from the laptop after the game though sometimes these may come after a match report goes live, depending on how quickly I take them from the laptop.


Pre-season round-up

All the preparations are out of the way, new faces have been brought in, dead wood has been shipped out and tactics have been tried against a myriad of different opponents, so what have we learnt?

Well, we should have the players, barring any major injury crisis, to control this league. We’re going to need to be disciplined and work as a team to counter our lack of speed but Elland Road isn’t the largest of grounds, so that should work in our favour. The defence worries me a little in that respect, but the experience in the middle, combined with the youngsters Parker and Omozusi in at full back, should hold against the League 1 quality of striker, so long as Walker doesn’t start getting erratic on us.

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Initial team analysis

Starting up with a club you support in real life is something of a double edged sword; on one hand you’re already familiar with most of the players, on the other it’s hard to separate your real-world opinions from those of the SI researchers. Looking over the squad with a dispassionate eye, therefore, is something of a challenge, both in terms of accepting which of your favourite players have been deemed deadwood as well as avoiding overlooking good players who aren’t getting games in real life.

With that in mind, I cast an eye over the starting squad with the assistance of my ever faithful assistant, Mr Snodin (I shan’t be taking the staff up on their acceptance of mutual termination). It seems we have good depth to the squad but could do with an extra midfielder or two. He’s also, apparently, a big fan of Patrick Kisnorbo. Which is nice.

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Starting over

So, new game set up with the following parameters:

Selected Nations Lowest Active League Mode
England Coca-Cola League 2 Playable
Scotland First Division View-only
Spain Liga Adelante Playable

Database: Large (Player count 18000)
All additional options (real players etc) checked.

I have something of a fondness for Spain (Bilbao being my second club in real life) so I’m giving myself the option in the future to move to warmer climes. And it’s always worth watching what’s happening north of the border.

Manager profile highlights:
Age: late 20s ;o)
Nationality: English / Spanish
Favourite Team: Leeds
Past experience: automatic

Managing Leeds United (League 1)

Finances: secure (which is nice after the Ridsdale era)
Stadium capacity: 40242
Top training and good youth facilities
Media prediction: 1st
Season expectations: Win League 1
Transfer Budget: £1M
Wage Budget: 87K p/w (currently spending £80,325)

Game on…